Welcome! What Is GiftCardRaffle.Com?

This site is a free, online resource for anyone stuck deciding on what gift to get someone. The spinner below has fifty of the best and most popular gift cards according to Amazon.

How Does GiftCardRaffle.Com Work?

Simply click on the spinner below or press CTRL and Enter on your keyboard to spin the wheel. The spinner will select a random winner, which you can scroll down to see if the winner is a good gift card fit for your recipient. 


If yes, feel free to click the link to buy the gift card directly on Amazon in seconds!


If no, feel free to spin the wheel again to get more ideas!

Congrats! Click the link of your winner to buy your gift card instantly:

Who are Gift Cards Good For?

The short answer is EVERYONE! There are numerous situations throughout the year where you need to get somebody you know a gift, and a gift card is the perfect, easy solution that takes the pressure off of you. 

A few examples where gift cards are great to give include:

  • holiday exchanges with co-workers or large group of friends

  • saying thanks to someone you don't know too well

  • friends or family that live far away

  • to let someone know you're thinking of them